The Building Envelope: Indoor-Air, Energy Efficiency, Durability

The building envelope is the most cost-effective path to improving a home's most critical hidden qualities.

This custom home outside of Asheville NC acheived the tightest blower door test in the state to date. We encourage other owners, developers and builders to implement blower door testing and code minimum outdoor-air ventilation rates.

 NC's tightest tested home?



  • Weatherproof Window Installation
    October 27

    A published article in Fine Homebuilding magazine's issue 254 November 2015. This article tackles the complicated subject of window installation, focusing on preventing water leaks and improving airtightness.

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  • Passive Solar Design
    September 17

    Passive Solar Design is the most efficient way to heat a home and this is the most cost-effective path for measurable performance improvement.

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